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CPS Test

What is the CPS Test?

The CPS (Clicks Per Second) test is a type of online test that measures how quickly you can click a mouse button or tap a touchpad or screen within a specific time frame. It is often used as a way to assess the manual dexterity and speed of individuals, particularly in gaming or competitive settings.

During a CPS test, you are usually given a designated time, such as 10 seconds or 1 minute, and your goal is to click the mouse button as many times as possible within that time period. The test calculates and displays your average clicks per second based on the number of clicks you were able to achieve.

CPS tests are popular among gamers, especially in games that require rapid clicking, such as clicker games or certain types of competitive multiplayer games. They can also be used as a fun challenge or to compare your clicking speed with others.

How to use?

1. Select the test time: The default test time is 10 seconds, you can select other test times. The selection of other test times will be disabled after the test starts.You can choose again before the next round of testing starts.

2. Start clicking: Start using the left mouse button to click in the box on the screen as fast as possible to get a higher CPS.

3. Get your score: When the countdown is over, the program will show you your score, including CPS and number of clicks, etc.

4. Try multiple times: Get the highest score

How to calculate CPS

CPS = Total Clicks / Time in Seconds

How many clicks per second does it take to be fast?




Very Fast:10+

How to Improve Clicks Per Second?

1.Practice: Regularly practice clicking quickly and accurately.

2.Use the right equipment: Get a responsive mouse or touchpad.

3.Reduce friction: Use a smooth surface for your mouse or touchpad.

4.Optimize settings: Adjust mouse sensitivity for better control.

5.Stay relaxed: Tension can slow you down, so stay relaxed while clicking.

What are the click methods?

Here are some clicking methods that will help you click faster.

1. Jitter Clicking:

Jitter Clicking involves rapidly and irregularly shaking your finger to achieve a high clicking rate. This clicking technique requires quickly contracting and relaxing your finger muscles to increase the click frequency. Typically, the index or middle finger is used, and the goal is to keep the finger muscles tense.

2. Drag Clicking:

Drag Clicking involves dragging your finger across the mouse button while maintaining a firm grip. This technique exploits the friction between your finger and the mouse button to register multiple clicks with a single drag. It requires a mouse with a sensitive button and a specific grip style that allows for controlled dragging.

3. Butterfly Clicking:

Butterfly Clicking, also known as Double-Clicking, involves rapidly alternating between two fingers on the mouse button. By rapidly pressing the button with both fingers in quick succession, players can achieve a high click rate. This method requires using either the index and middle finger or the middle and ring finger.

4. Regular Clicking:

Regular Clicking, also referred to as Single-Clicking, is the standard method of clicking using a single finger, usually the index finger, to press the mouse button. This technique involves a consistent and controlled press of the button to register individual clicks.

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