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Double Click Test

What is the Double-Click Test?

The Double Click Test is a tool used to evaluate the accuracy of the double click function of a computer mouse. When the user presses the left mouse button at the same time, he can determine if the mouse is correctly registering a single click instead of a double click.

What can be tested with it?

1. Mouse sensitivity

2. Whether the mouse is damaged

How to use it?

1. You simply left or right click on the gray square area and the program counts the time between clicks. If the time is less than 80 milliseconds, you may have a double click problem with your mouse. If there is a double click, the double click counter will increase.

2. Click the Reset button to restart the test.

3. You can test the left button and right button separately.

4. You can also modify the double click detection time according to your needs.

What is the problem of double click when you click only once?

When you click the mouse only once, but a double click appears.

1. It may be that your mouse is damaged.

2. Wireless signal interference: If you are using a wireless mouse, there may be this situation.

3. double-click speed setting is too low: when the mouse double-click speed speed setting is very low, only one click may be considered a double click. You can try to replace the mouse or repair the mouse, or try to replace the mouse driver.

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