Polling Rate Test

To test the polling rate of the mouse, click on the blue area and start moving the mouse around the screen.

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Polling Rate Test

What is the Polling Rate Test?

A polling rate test is a method to measure and evaluate the polling rate of a computer mouse. The polling rate refers to the frequency at which the mouse reports its position to the computer.

During a polling rate test, the mouse's movements are tracked and recorded to determine how frequently the mouse sends updates to the computer. The polling rate is typically measured in Hertz (Hz), indicating the number of times the mouse reports its position per second.

Polling rate tests are commonly used by gamers, graphic designers, and individuals seeking precise and responsive mouse movements. A higher polling rate generally results in smoother and more accurate cursor movements, reducing input lag and enhancing overall user experience.

How to use?

1. Click Start.

2. Move the mouse on the screen.

3. The program will show the average and maximum values and test records.

4. Click the reset button to perform the test again.

What mouse polling rate is better?

The ideal mouse polling rate can vary depending on individual preferences and specific use cases. Generally, a higher polling rate is considered better

Common polling rate options for gaming mice range from 125Hz to 1000Hz. The default polling rate for many mice is often set to 500Hz. However, some gaming mice offer customizable polling rates, allowing users to select their preferred frequency.

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