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Right Click CPS Test

What Is the Right-Click CPS Test?

A Right Click CPS Test is a variation of the CPS test that specifically measures the number of right clicks you can perform in a given time frame. It focuses on assessing your speed and dexterity in executing right-click actions, typically using a mouse or touchpad.

The Right Click CPS Test follows a similar format to a regular CPS test but counts only the number of right clicks instead of left clicks. You are usually provided with a designated time, such as 10 seconds or 1 minute, to perform as many right-click actions as possible.

The test measures your average right clicks per second (RCPS) based on the number of right clicks you achieve within the specified duration. The higher the RCPS, the faster you are able to execute right clicks.

How to use?

1. Before the test, you need to select the test time, and the selection will be disabled after the test starts.

2. Use the right mouse button to click on the screen as fast as possible.

3. After the countdown, you will get your score.

4. Try multiple times: Get the highest score

How to calculate RCPS?

RCPS = Number of Right Clicks / Time in Seconds

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